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Jun 2014
Brian Patrick

Slowly it invades all senses
Drifting into the realm of daylight
As the daylight dwindles it is replaced
By the emptiness of the dark

As one diminishes, another appears
Bright against the black sky
Crying out for human gaze
Since time has remembered

With the bright beacon of the sky
Comes the wafting mist
The mist that harbors the cold
Chills that permeate through the soul

The darkness of the night beckons the immortals
From the nether world to the surface
Looking for souls to capture and revile
As mine is being torn from my chest

The calls from the dark are strong
Strong enough to pull my being into Valhalla
Slipping into the vortex that is the night
Falling into the void that will hold me forever
© 2014 Brian Patrick
Dr Mike OConnell
Written by
Dr Mike OConnell
   Stephanie Lynn and ---
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