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Jun 2014
Posing as a eager swine does not prove his masculinity.
Therefore I should not be afraid to walk the streets
featuring my butterfly physique.

Boy I will bet you,
he can sprint without a top
and the pretty little ladies turn scarlet.
But when a gal will trot
we are seen as a harlot.
We are not that different,
you and I.
Our ******* are the same.
But I apologize,
if mine are in the way.
I presume you forgot; we fed from the same thing.
But from the lack of your decency,
we become an object of insecurity
then we appear to seem weak.
I apologize,
if my body may be sonsie
Does not mean you can be queer towards me.
We do not holler,
or humor you as if you were nothing more than a *****.
Or think that the piece between your limbs,
is only for my bliss.

It is not just the glares, the blares, and the curiosities.
The young men of my generation are clueless
as to how to fascinate the ladies.
Hardly any words slip through my lips
When they try to shoot for the first kiss
and gab a hold at my hips,
I resist.
It is no longer love at first sight,
but many valentines.


And lonely Sams...

Everything for fun...

Everything for lust...

Until they grow up.
Realizing the importance of  a woman's streak of luck.

Now imagine a woman when she has given up finding the man of her dreams
when every single boy makes her deceived
Not knowing when it's the real thing
Making life really confusing.
Imagine a woman that has been through many heartbreaks.
by the end of the day she will make your head ache.
So don't complain.

Men are the reasons for her many mistakes.
because he persuades.
And before she can run away
it is too late...

The sole purpose of "making love"
is to do it in privacy.
  Therefore he is a thief for only seeking
to steal her virginity.
This piece is a shout-out to the ladies that have been through heartbreak and have gotten **** from guys. For those who really weren't at fault for anything, other than being a woman. Clearly it is more of an issue today, and I cannot stand being quiet about it. It does cut off at the end because there is just so much to say in this topic, so I just wanted to write enough so my point is carried across. I hope you like it!

☓IG: Asteriart
Melissa Eleanore
Written by
Melissa Eleanore  Cali
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