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Jun 2014
This is ONLY a Thought About the Strange possibility Of something that Might Happen to Anyone of Us.
What If.... someone spread a rumor about you , or me  and or he or even she, having "passed away" , a rumor that wasn't true.            Selah  ( this means to Stop and think before moving On.)
What if on occasion someone would revive that old rumor and "spread the "lie"(s)...Again ..    Selah   .....   ( stop think )
and after a while yet longer had passed ( Absolutely No Pun intended )
someone found the "old lie" and spread it Until it became viral, Viral , VIRAL.    ...   SELAH  
   what if YOU or I or He or even Ann B. Davis happened to be "pondering the lies and How and or why these thing EVEN start and or how to Stop such things" and while doing things around the yard or the house Even taking a shower , and Thinking about such things.
You or the rest , Fell and suffered a Fatal Sub-dural Hematoma.
....the cause they say of the ACTUAL DEATH today of ANN B. Davis ?
...would you be More Careful about Spreading rumors in the Future,
Well.... Would You !  SELAH      
                                                     - brain M.O.G.
coment and or any comentary ( welcomed )
Written by
Ken Young  Earth , Oklahoma , Tulsa
(Earth , Oklahoma , Tulsa)   
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