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Jun 2014
Born with a curse,

I am,

For the body and soul,

Did not correlate,

And this reality is no choice,

Simply Fate,

A girl with extra,

Since that September date.

I am woman,

Not a dude or boy,

Nor am I an object,

To utilize in your fantasy,

Not a **** fetish,

Or a man’s toy!

Do not attempt,

To strip me of my femininity,

Because I do not conform,

You are the creator,

So who are you to claim,

All women come in one form.

Finding beauty in me is no shame,

Yet such actions are to blame,

For lives taken,

Nightmares to awaken,

Tears shed,

Dignity torn to shreds,

As women like me are beaten,

And left for dead.

Glance upon my face,

Tell me there is no feminine grace,

Deny there is no womanly charm,

Call me a man,

So the Heavens may reveal you,

To be the disgrace,

You’re pretty for a T-girl,

Excuse me,

Do you believe we have one look,

Are we supposed to behave,

Like a fish on a hook?!

Transgender women are women,

So why the hell can I not be pretty?

You’re ignorance shows,

As you foolishly ignore,

Beauty crashing in oscillating waves,

Upon the shore.

As I strut,

My hips do sway,

My voice is soft,

No, I’m not gay;

Does that matter anyway?

The goddesses bestow me,

With a valley of skin,

Lush lips,

High cheek bones,

And this big vibrant eyes;

Do not discard what I say as lies!

Yes, I appear as a girl,

Often giving my hair a twirl,

Yet that does not give you,

The right to over-sexualize me,

Believing because of my assignment,

My appetite consists of a salacious hunger,

Like that of a Man;
Once you are finished,

Ever so kindly you toss me,

Into a trash can!

I am woman,

Hear me roar,

Fierce as a lioness,

Cunning as a Tiger,

Sweet as a Kitten,

Nothing like you have encountered before.


There is no need to be shady,

So open your eyes,

And treat me like a lady!
Jadyn Nichole Kilmon
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