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Nov 2010
Phew, ****, what's that smell,
This kitchen soo stinks,

Eww, god, is it the bin?
Or maybe the sink,

Rubber gloves on,
Bleach at the ready,
Approach the bin,
Hold the bleach steady,

Jaysus, what, the hell is that stuff,
It looks like some bread, and a teabag,oo, rough,
A doughnut, all soggy, and out of date jam,
My god im a ******, is that cooked ham?,

Bin is all clean,
But still smell a stench,
I've spotted a stain,
On my breakfast bar bench,

O, ****,
That's it,
My baby nephew did it,
His leaky wee *****,
Has smeared on my chair,
Face mask at the ready,
And tie back the hair,

Amazing how sticky a baby's poo gets,
That'll teach you to ignore the"do you think the kids wet?"....
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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