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Nov 2010
Mere sight, o mortal,
Sinful, banal covetousness
Sin, as it may,
To feast upon your nakedness;
Drive this stake
And I may punish
My own treachery
Of touching,
Feeling you –
Your breath close to mine
As your scent
Send shivers
Down my spine.
Eternity shall not pass.
I will but gladly perish
For one touch of your being,
For a single stare
Though mockingly.
And it shall be as if
You were mine,
And I,
For as my soul
Screams of want of you
And no other,
And my lips trail
As fate plays coy;
My hands –
My whole body –
Ache in deepest longing,
I may never,
Lest your desires be true.
And I shall bless,
Union of wings,
A pair I created for you.
My own be broken,
Your glance,
Your laughter be most lovely.
You are most lovely.
Dare I beg,
“love me.”
-- not really sure how this came about, but a friend borrowed a copy and read it to the would-be girlfriend. Oh, happy ever after! :)
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