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May 2014
It is 5:17
I don't have to get out of bed.
I start work at 8:00
But I suddenly need tea
And some time to myself
On the couch
Listening to some crap
On Film 4 about burning my carbs
To look like Rhianna
I boil some more tea.
I remember
Su Lee was sick for an hour
Brian took over
At 20:45
I left the Ward at 22:16
Su Lee was sick.
There was **** and **** all over her socks
and afterwards
When she looked up and smiled
and her mum hugged me
in the kitchen
God moved in mysterious wards..
Time for a second cup of coffee
and it's still dark. It snowed
3 inches
Schools are closed.
Su Lee is sitting in her chair
Some of the swelling has gone down,
God moves in Mysterious wards.
I am tired
my arm has gone to sleep it's 6:30
I did not really sleep
I take longer in the shower than I need to.
I won't eat breakfast.
He will not be awake
I want to be there when he wakes up
He came out of intensive care at 03:22
We were there his eye was so swollen
The Ward sister gave me a hug.
She's glad that Su Lee is sitting up
God moves
In mysterious wards
The nurse is Wonder Woman
She must need
inhuman self control
I ask him if he wants some breakfast
He says yes
God moves in Mysterious wards
Gary is crying in the kitchen
He is 6'2" and ex RN
He has met me twice
He hugs me like I'm his best friend
I offer him toast
He can't eat
I drop a spoon and grunt
Bending down to pick it up
It makes him laugh
God moves in mysterious wards.
A parcel comes from a woman I have not seen in 30 years
Tea and Kendal Mint cake and Love
Kindness that makes us all swell up
Like it isn't a ward full
Of Tiny babies with no eyes or future or
indeterminate control.
It's better than a lottery win
Yorkshire Tea.
God moves in Mysterious wards.
My son has been having treatment for a brain tumour for two full years.
Desmond Lane
Written by
Desmond Lane
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