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May 2014
Dream of a poem
Dream of skin softer than a baby lamb's innocence,
half asleep beneath Christ's robes
Dream of a mid summer night's brick alleyway kiss
awakening sleeping giants,
Strong arms holding you like a polar bear blanket
keeping out the lonely cold
Dream of lips ethereal luxury so delicate, if spoken,
it may evaporate like a morning mist in the late rising sun
Dream of a warm hand's caress
filled with the knowledge of universal brotherhood,
rhythmically dripping midnight murmurs over our bodies
until the world is slathered in brilliant color

Dream of slow ripening fruit,
patiently peeled as a long coming miracle,
revealed, the rich fragrance swirls into the air
pungent as cranberry glades covered in untamed honeysuckle,
the nape of your neck sweet as newfound freedom
sung in a silver bell
rung at cupid's birth
A heart gentle as moss flower,
eyes steady as my will
Inhale juniper, desire, go deeper,
into the primeval essence of our being until we reach its flaming core,
a black stallion running wild kicking up dirt in the desert,
easy as dominoes falling we come together like night and starlight,
to shine love and lust into this symphonic world
Drink me down and you shall taste the music of my soul

Now, The morning light may never come to pass
Dawn's chorus may never pierce the horizonless sky
But for this night,
I'll wait with the infinite
dreaming of a poem
Universal Thrum
Written by
Universal Thrum
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