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Nov 2010
so how am i going to start?
yeah! i remember! with a silent ****
enough to suffocate all beings inside this shop
carbon dioxide is replacing the oxygen i need them to stop!

the little child's mind is corrupted with violent games
the bigger child's mind is getting bigger and learning to aim
virtual guns are everywhere bonded with mind cleansing tragic
demons, trolls and other creatures is two inches tall with a little bit of magic

at this moment noisy beings are gone
but they are replaced by a ******* mom
she's kinda quiet but don't make her mad
she curse like there's no tomorrow! do you want me to call your dad?

cyber world has no rules to follow
i know your mind is filled but it can make you hollow
I'm an I.T. student with a lot of projects to make
but how can i concentrate? when this computer shop doesn't give me enough oxygen to take?

i hope this lungs where fake
i hope this mind won't break
i shout! somebody give me a cake!
surfing the net, hey! who is drake?
hahahahaha! love this one!
Written by
alvin guanlao
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