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May 2014
Tonight A lot of you left.
Tonight you all embark on a new journey of life.
You have overcome all that they have thrown at you.
You hated this place.
You couldn't be any sadder to leave.
For most of you anyway.
Your new life begins now.
Though you might take some of the past with you
It is a time for new beginnings.
You leave us today
To become something greater tomorrow.
We will miss you.
We love you.
But hopefully we will soon meet again
In our futures.
I know this is not the end
Although it may feel like it.
I hope we don't grow apart.
But, the truth is most of you will have better things to do with your time
Until you decide
To remember
This place.
And I hope you get out
I really do.
But I also hope
That you remember to come back.
Because this was our beginning.
And I hope
Our beginning meant something to you too.
To the graduates that have had me as a part of their lives.
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