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May 2014
Hustling-and-bustling, people move throughout the day
It's such a rush, no time to smell the roses
No time to think, no time to enjoy
We spend all of our time live life comfortably
We waste all of our time, unable to enjoy our afforded comfort
What's the point? Only man sacrifices his health for wealth so that he might spend his wealth on his health.
It's such a pointless cycle, no enjoyment, all rush, no sadness, only work.
Yet at the end of the day, people find a reason to defend this lifestyle of sadness
The rich look down on the poor for loving what they have
The poor pity the rich for not being able to appreciate what they can afford and envy them as well
We're all just people though, searching for what it is that makes us happy
Such is the American Dream
Ethan Titus
Written by
Ethan Titus  30/M/Jersey Shore
(30/M/Jersey Shore)   
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