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Nov 2010
I choose to live
so pensive
I am a captive
in my vast proximity
in thoughts that eat each others thoughts
and grow within each other
and then die

the sun rises through the window sill
peaking like infants playing hide and go seek
pretty little eyes between the brown cracks
beams shine on my face
and wake me up to this creature
called a new day
and we praise this new comer
this bringer of different sorts

as I sit here, it rules me in the court
charging me guilty before it comes
it raises its hand before my words are done

my poems fall like invisable somethings
and the air it hunts me down
and my ears drown in the sound
of the wind blowing through my hair
my hands are filthy and Im holding my heart
or more so my despair
save me from this nightmare, I may find sanity
no but not in you new comer
but elsewhere
midnight prague
Written by
midnight prague
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