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May 2014
You were asked "Who is the
man in the relationship?"

because apparently there has to be
a man...
But, you said "That's the point.
Nobody is the man."

I'm sure he smiled and
tilted his head to the side
because in reality
isn't the man

I remember as a kid
believing that the men
had all the rights whereas
the women had none at all.
But, now I see if you want the
relationship to work out, then
you must both agree that you are
equal in each others love.

I have found that maybe I am the
Dominant lover, but something she
may not realize is that my heart
beats for her and my hand reaches
for her. That my thoughts lead to her
and that my body only wishes to feel
her warmth beside me every day and night.

I may be dominant, but you'll always have superiority over my heart.
L<3 see, I wrote you something yay I'm not completely useless lol I love you darling!
Written by
   ---, Josh Murphy, r l, Jared Eli, L and 3 others
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