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May 2014
It burns, rages inside of you
Tears, like gasoline, sparkle
as they fall, as they feed
the fire writhes, the fire sings.

It rips away the pain, the feeling-
a fire strong will send you reeling.
It screams against your eyes and skull
further into the fire you fall.
What is the fire but change?

Energy encapsulated in shining light.
Let it burn against the skin, let it take
the world away.

It sings an eerie siren song,
crackling as it grows strong.

Red, then orange
and sometimes blue.
The fire reflects
the worlds in you.

Be a pheonix and let it burn,
sing the song, and dance along
be the serpent on the tree
-the fire is in both you and me.

It burns and rages,
both in and out.
Tears like gasoline
sparkle as they feed
the flame.

The song, we sing-
like tiny sparks
again and again,
again and again,
again and again,
like embers sizzling,
and flames a-flickering
against the night.
Written by
RebelJohnny  Las Vegas, NV
(Las Vegas, NV)   
   --- and AuntieBelle
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