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May 2014
I live vividly
on carpet floors in a nest of silk chiffon
Nevermind the dole
or wafting scent of cigarettes
He carves away at me
whittling tough pieces down to shimmering bark
Wet grass in the summer etched into my soul
Scarlet demons can't touch me,
they are nothing, receding into the soil like worms in bright sunlight
How can you love something so cruel?
You can't.
Like a bell the answer rings, the clarity of spring
These iron claws are mine to hold, to wield against everything
How light the world is, how free
To be able to mark my words, for once
without the sorrow of defeat
I swim darkly through a deep new pond
A shadowed glimmer by my side
I dance with fire and sienna dust
to the music in his eyes
We sing goodbye to monsters in the sand
and childish poltergeists
Written by
   betterdays, ---, --- and Connor Ruther
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