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May 2014
"I ate a big breakfast"
he persuades them
that he is
not hungry.
He will not,
can not
He's lasted
so long.
26 days.
Not a morsel
of food
has passed
his lips
in 26 days.
Water is
and always
will be
the only substance
to enter
his body.

They ask when
he ate last.
He lies.
They can
see it in his eyes,
see right through
the lies.

They give
him a plate.
They sit
and watch
as he
pushes the
food around.

His mind,
the demons,
are attacking him
Don't eat it
You'll get fat

He notices
the demeaning stares.
He picks up the fork,
full of food.
He shoves it
into his mouth.
A disturbing,
yet lovely
crosses his tongue.
He is able to
expertly hide
the disgust and
horror from
creeping onto
his face.
He sits
with the food
in his mouth.
It's almost
as if
he had
how to eat.

he chews
and forces
the food
down his throat.
He swore
this would
never happen.

He chokes down
a few more bites
and indicates
he is full.
They look pleased
and let him go.

He immediately
runs to
the bathroom.
He empties
the contents
of his
newly full

He stands up,
a bit lightheaded.
The dizziness
takes over him.
He stumbles and
hits the wall
of the stall.
He quickly
leaves and
pops a piece
of minty gum
into his mouth.

He walks out,
right into
their stares.
They just
let it go.

He puts on
his fake smile
as he turns and
walks out.

Not a word
was said
about it
after that day.

Not a word
came out of
his mouth
after that night.
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
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