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May 2014
It's exhausting to love you.
My heart aches each time you change your mind about me,
Each time you decide to simply ignore me for the day.
Whenever you do, I die a little inside.

It gets tiring
Standing on my toes, waiting for something to happen,
A sign, anything! Anything at all that would let me know you remembered me at least.
But I should know by now that it'll never come.

You've worn me down
To the mess that I am,
To the broken shell of a person I have become.
People tell me I should know when enough is enough.

Loving you is tedious,
But that doesn't make me love you any less than I already do.

Yes, it's exhausting to love you,
But just a smile from you instantly lights up my day,
Your hug magically makes the pain go away,
And your kiss does wonders to the icy corners of my ****** up heart.

I could spend every day falling in love with you all over again.
That's worth all the trouble.
You're worth all the trouble.
Written by
Alyanna  Philippines
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