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May 2014
some who impose their will
drill into the media who gobble it
up like it is credibilia,
two bitzcoin for your thoughts?

As far as fair is fair, where is fair,
that wee ones who don't belong,
are taken,
when will this world awaken?
every one
would be be shaken to act,
if in fact they were your children,
every parent
would be heard
to state they are
our children
, too
the world's children,
these men (read cowards)
pick on them because they
see them as weak,
the forget they are the future,
when their son's look for wives,
here is to hoping they find none,
don't mind this poet's rant,
as he is out of touch with much,
see the headlines, (read skim)
it is not that I care not,
how to right the social cultural wrong,
how to write so that theses men (read cowards)
play hide an seek with political agendas,
oh they have earned their fifteen minutes
of fame,
shame shame, double shame, here is to publishing
all of your names, in what ever format you end
up as,
see, reading the news or the facts won't
explain this to make me think it was the right thing to do,
but I am a poet out of touch and for me this is the write thing
so to do.

Boko Haram (read cowards),
has done this before if my tired memory
should serve me as they should serve time,
right now your voice sounds like a childs,
are you out of touch with your masculinity?

Out of touch of their
parents arms for hugs,
this tugs,
at any parents heart and mind,
don't be out too late,
out of reach,
out of touch,
who will feed them,
we will need them,
they are the future
             of a generation,
this is a pitiful demonstration,
there is no excuse,
these recluses (read cowards)
who hide behind naked
political stand-offs
running and gunning
with young girl children,
don't tell me to get some
because the moon we
all stand under is the same,
               too bad shame,
can't be brought by their
mothers, but maybe these
Boko Haram (read cowards)
don't even respect their own
mothers or the mothers of the
others they have stolen,
they have kidnapped,
they have made as scapegoats,
for their
free the prisoners,
as they are running
short of cowards to
do the camp chores,
they can't even get bullets
to start a war against other men.
When will
this child abuse
be stopped still?

So you can be more out of touch than...
If found to be offensive I will redact
Written by
Ottar  where you will find me
(where you will find me)   
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