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May 2014
I love you.
Love is breaking me.
It is taking me.
Bundling up my heart and
Darling, look over here.
This is me and this is real.
And I don't know when or why or how.
But I know.
I would let it go. My
Baby. Love me back.
I am pleading and begging and crawling in this earth.
Right now I love you and my heart is breaking and my earth is shattering.
And I want you. I need you like I need to see the sky.
Anything. Anywhere. That is the length I would go.
Beautiful. You are.
Tomorrow I will see you and I will smile and you will hold her and she will be yours.
Do you remember you calling me yours.
If it burns. If that romance fails find me. My love isn't fickle.
I apologize. I am unloveable. Cursed to give yet not recieve.
But you. You are the sunshine. You are grass. You are wind.
You feel like love.
Cassie Stoddard
Written by
Cassie Stoddard  Missouri
   L and Jay
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