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Oct 2010
how does it feel being burned
by someone you fell for
you poured out your heart and oh no...
you got burned whoa.. oh....

you were the cutest thing ever
I spent nearly few months liking you so much
what a waste of my time
Was it a mistake?
I never thought it was at all
I tried to call
You never answered
I said hello, you said good bye

just wanted to be friends
and i thought we had something
you were just afraid it'd be a bad thing
cuddling and holding hands at first

well, i'm wriiting this suicide song
drip drip my heart bleeds
from my own hands
I cut it out and
i'm giving it to you
my favorite mistake
my own heart made

mmm, mmm, mmmm
how does it feel to be dying
all that effort i've been trying
i poured out my heart for you, and oh no
I got murdered whoa.. oh...

it's a cool chain reaction
cruel hearted rejection
all set in motion
for both of us to fail
domino effect
lover's collapse
the heat's getting to us
we can't stop the flow now oh no...

just wanted to be friends
and you thought there was nothing
i wasn't afraid of a thing
my love's at it's worst it's ever been
Steven Brett Craig
Written by
Steven Brett Craig  Tempe, Arizona
(Tempe, Arizona)   
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