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Oct 2010
I know myself, and i know i'm nice,
So why would you act as cold as ice?,
You're horrid to me, and it hurts me so bad,
And i thought you were a funny, likeable lad.

But my skin is thick, and i have many friends,
Who will step up to the plate, and see me to the end,
So bring it, this unprovoked attack at my expense,
I'm blameless, nice, and will never sit on the fence.

If you wanted to blame me, why didn't you just say?,
Instead of attacking me, and then running away?,
It seems like you target who you feel like, at that time,
So please, leave me and mine, to do what we love, to just rhyme.....

This is my attempt at speaking my mind, as everyone keeps saying, we are welcome to do so. But when i do,, i get attacked,albeit from afar, which frankly ****** me off!!!!!
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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