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May 2014
"What Will Happen!!!"
How do I know there is anyone else
how can I be sure what will come
how do I know that you really feel that way
what will I do if I fall again
that's the answer I don't know
I don't know what I would do it
you tear my heart in two again
that will be the end
the end of my humanity
the end of my sanity
the end of this whole place
I will challenge someone to fear combat
just to end it there
If I go on like the way I would
I would be a soul
with no meaning or no heart
I would be the man of a shadow that used to be
the man that has to smoke **** to feel free
the man that won't give a crap what you think
that man that you will learn to fear
or gets unset over every little thing
this is what will happen if
you break the heart in me
Jordan Chacon
Written by
Jordan Chacon  Jackson
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