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Oct 2010
I ask you to go away,
you text me again.
You tell me all you want,
is to be my friend.

Does a true friend,
hack someone's Twitter?
Do they mess around,
trying to upset her?

Does a true friend try,
to ruin the other's day?
Twisting everything,
and every word they say?

Does a true friend ridicule,
about the other's job?
When they themselves,
can't do much better?

All this happens,
all in one day.
I'm left astounded,
but the words you say.

I've done my fair share,
I do admit.
But for a while now,
I've remained quiet.

You play the good guy,
but look at what you do.
Honey, I'm no angel,
but neither areΒ Β you.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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