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May 2014
How unfitting it is that I should be,
Hoping you might return home to me.

I'm not one so special, in this time of need,
So I'll tell you now, my words, do heed.

I won't bring you bliss, can't give you a kiss,
Not slight happiness, not any of this.

So why do you, now, give me your love,
When mine for you, fits not like a glove.

It's mangled and dark, and so very sharp,
Not pretty like yours that rings like a harp.

The beauty in me is what not to be,
I show little children, work not to be me.

I may teach a lesson and I teach it strong,
But even the strong doesn't last all that long.

My spirit proves weak, and quite a bit meek,
My future is bleak, it's Satan's blood I leak.

It's not that I lack a love for our Lord,
But rather that I can't carry His sword.

So why is it when, I ask how you feel,
You prepare words so gently, like a delicious meal.

Can you not see that I can't carry you high,
Shall you stay with me, to Heaven say goodbye.

I won't make it there, or anywhere near,
My sins keep me out, yet I still fear.

The truth is not good like you've shown to me,
Such beauty you have, and will always be.

I'm sorry to say that our dreams are just dreams,
When we live life with such different themes.

I love you so much and I always will,
But that space in your heart, I'm too small to fill.

I can't hold you back, when it's time to go,
But I wish you the best, this you must know.

You're just like the night, when the moon shines so bright,
And there's not a cloud, to cover your light.

Shall The Lord call you now, don't worry about me,
How unfitting it is that I love you, eternally.
Víctor Manuel Serna
Written by
Víctor Manuel Serna  Tucson, AZ
(Tucson, AZ)   
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