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Oct 2010
hes gone for almost two years
now he's back with a bucket full of fear
manipulating how i think, what i see and what i hear
corrupting my mind with different ideas that would drag me to tears

the one who is responsible for my mistakes
to commit a sin, he just whisper to my ear and that's all it takes
its like everything is going to be fine until my whole world shakes
I'm following him because of my curiosity until i notice that now, my heart aches

laughing and standing at the back of the mirror
and for a while he stops and give a malicious smile
now i know what I'm doing, but its not my style
is it my fault to have him? I created my own horror?

to continue my poem for Dubrechi is going to be a failure
i need to be ok
and right now, im not
sorry Dubrechi
and now he is crying inside the rounded roots
Written by
alvin guanlao
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