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Oct 2010
Didn't want apart of them so I kept them inside.
Locked behind a jail cell of disappointment
Along with my pride.
Tried to hide from the feelings I had so I wouldn't cry.
He said cry him a river but if I allowed my eyes to showcase how my body really felt
we would have an extra ocean to contain.
Salt burns in open wounds left by you.  
He said "baby you're my main."
As if this a title I would be proud to repeat to new people I meet.
As if being with him,
being the Queen of the streets,
is the position that was in my destiny.
Running through traffic without legs,
Seeing the view of the world without a refection
Stumbling in the wrong direction.
Feels like nightmares were a better look than life
like night life,
even if I wasn't doing my body right,
Seemed right.
Felt nice
for seconds at a time I was alone to feel like I was the best.
Not simply a replacement chick.
More like the woman you wanted to in a relationship with
instead of the one you had relations with.
Take me in faith that I will be a perfect lover for more than the night.
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