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Oct 2010
These are the Things You've GIVEN TO ME ! !   A FLOWER,   A WISH   and  A  DREAM....   They All belong to me YOU Said,   It was ALL you  had  to Give.   BUT to Me ,  it was the WHOLE WORLD  and More.   I,  Now Had the FLOWERS,  THE WISHES and the   DREAMS.    To take with me in My Travels ,  wherever I go.   Then the Bells began to Ring,   The SUN did Rise and the Birds Did Sing,   AND   that was the Gift of the World from You.    NOW,   Pray tell,  What do I do ? ?   What do I have to Give to You?   If I  could, would you,  in turn  take the Mountains and the seas ?   What if I could GIVE  the Sun and Moon ?   STILL..  It's Less  than YOU'VE given me !   That FLOWER,  that WISH  and that DREAM !   There will come A TIME,  One day  I Treasure that which you've given Me,  Things,  Forever to Hold and Cherish by Me,  FLOWERS,  WISHES,  DREAMS,,   WE NOW take them together to that Place,  where WE who have received such things .   AS if from some LOFTY Mountain,  Visible to the World,  WE ,  LET THEM KNOW "It Does Exist".   It's a Place,  It's a Time,  It's being together...For those of us who have received such PRECIOUS GIFTS,  We SING out to you the Blessings of having received ,  THE,,FLOWERS,  WISHES and the DREAMS.
copyright 2010  barnoahMike   Mike Ham
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