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May 2014
Jealousy engulfs us,
like the clouds engulf the sun
on a stormy day.
A creature  of such elegance,
such grace,
it is  impossible not to stare.
Into love we fall,
into the deadly pit.
A dangerous pit,
but a lovely,
wonderful pit.
Falling in love is a dream.
before you splat,
you wake up,
and the so-called love
has disappeared.
Sometimes the fall,
the plummet to emotional death,
is a jump from a cliff,
down to safety.
Other times,
it is a leap of faith off
the top of a building.
The fall into love
is like the biggest trust fall.
Time after time,
trusting strangers with our hearts,
our souls.
We let them in
too soon.
All we see in them,
is the beauty,
which we fell in love with.
We are blinded
by the good we see.
Entrusting them with our lives,
it's a sin.
We know not our fate,
but our hopes and dreams.
Our lovers
give us life and **** us
all at once.
This is so random. I don't know where to go with it. I'm stuck. Any critiques or ideas would be greatly appreciated :)
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
   ---, thatonederpface and Issa
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