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May 2014
Well now the sky might be sad
We cherish even the fights we have
The droplets are fretful tears of pain
Torn out with an excuse of rain

Outside the road is not wet
But in my heart it is raining
And all the love we have kept
Now like always; won't be failing

The sun is not creeping out yet
And the birds are not singing
Tell me darling have you slept?
Or is even your heart ringing?

Sing to me about your heartache
In a voice with a trembling shake
I know because even I lie awake
I know because even I lie in wait

And lover when the rains go away
Sit and count the falling stars
With me in the cold today
Bathed in the warmth of your heart
When you are tired but cannot sleep
With secrets that your heart cannot keep
Then spill some ink and and botch the page
For a poet the honest paper is the stage
Written by
Harkaran  Hindustan
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