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Oct 2010
one day after a rain storm a man awoke with a great hunger in his belly...
having not eaten the previous night due to the storm... this man knew he must hasten to the market in order to fend of he walked along the river side the man spotted a worm laying along the river bank...this worm had begun to dry up and was squirming all about...the man feeling compassion for the worm picked it up and brought the worm to the river and dropped it in the water...once the man got back to the path by the river he saw another worm...he did the same to this worm as he had done to the first...every time the man returned to the path he came across yet another worm...this man kept up with his goodwill and continued to return the worms to the water...several hours passed and the man kept up with his task...soon after the man began to become faint...yet he continued to rescue the he returned to the road after dropping off the one thousandth worm the man fell on his face and died of starvation...his body lay in the way along the river all night...during the night the worms that he returned to the river began to wiggle their way back to the sunrise another man was walking the same path of the compassionate his surprise the man came upon a dead body...the man was completely shocked...this was caused by the site of one thousand worms carrying the man towards the river...the man knew he had witnessed something great...the man ran as fast as he could to the market...exclaiming to all the site he had seen...many people were interested in seeing this occurrence...they all followed the man to the river...the people were so excited that they began to run...when they reached the location the man had been explaining to them about...they could not see anything of the sort of tale they had heard...they looked around and only found a thousand squashed worms beneath their feet...thinking the man a lair some of the people picked the man up and tossed him in the river...
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