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May 2014
As I look into your eyes I see a story unfolding before me.
I see the regret, pain, and the decomposing of faith burrowed in you.
But that is only the outter layer.
You have not realized your true place in life.
I see that You are truly amazin and are indfinitely strong.
You motivate me to be strong and to keep my faithΒ Β as well.
And I can see myself with you for an eternity.
I would cherish every waking moment with you
and dream every second of you.
Be there for you through the pains and aches
And be there til your last birthday cake.
I want to see every chapter of your novel unfold
because I want to be in every one of your stories.
I'm willing to take the good, the bad, and the ugly for and with you.
I promise not to hurt you or desert you
and even if our heads collide ill still stand by your side.
All I ask is that your honest, and loyal as I will do the same.
Just know the way I feel about you has no set date or time frame. <3

The Rogue Poet
Written by
The Rogue Poet  Perpetual Reality.
(Perpetual Reality.)   
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