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May 2014
Please understand,
before this goes any further
than a friendly "hello".

I'm a little crazy.
Not crazy-good.
But the kind riding
on the side of delusional.
My brain spins in circles,
days & nights.
An awful sickness,
from dusk to dawn.

I'll have you know,
I'm the kind of crazy,
that has to take pills.
Jagged little circles,
ingested down my throat.
to calm me down.

Please, don't judge me.
The doctor says it's normal.
But sometimes
I sit and wonder.
"What is normal?"

Back on topic now,
I was told by my therapistΒ Β 
not to let others judge.
But then,
I'm left imagining
everyone in white-
George Washington wigs.
Swinging a gavel
screaming, "Order in the court!"

I swear, I'm not too crazy...
Only a special kind of lazy...

H-hey wait... W-where are you going?
I am a little crazy.
But aren't we all?
Β© Victoria
Written by
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