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May 2014
And years ago
They fought
They fought for the basic
Every human
Of race
Or gender
They fought
And we said no

And now we are embarrassed
By the pain
And the hurt
And the suffering
That we caused
But we can’t take it back
So we pretend it is not there

And years ago
They fought
And today they fight again
And we cause pain
And hurt
And suffering
They fight and we say no

Years from now
Our humiliation
Will be harder to mask
The face in the mirror
That you see
That has caused
The pain
And hurt
And suffering
Will not be beautiful
It will not be what you expect
All because you said no
To a right
Every human
Regardless of
And sexuality

This is not a war
Of your God
Or their God
We do not stone
The man and woman
Who divorced
We accept it
And move on
That judgment
To God
Why can we not do the same?
Does Matthew 7:1
Not say
β€œdo not judge,
or you too will be judged.”
So why
Does this continue
Only to one day be
As obvious as a choice
As it was to give freedom
To every person

Because this cannot be
If we are not all
Written by
Rachel Mena  23/F
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