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May 2014
Caged in glass,
*Can you see thru to the other side?

Wake up, love, the sun shines
Let your dreamy eyes' gaze align.
Could you hear her scream at night?
Wretched Pandora gives no peace of mind.
But dont you cry, love, because after the rain
Comes the rainbow, no more fright.
You hang in there, beautiful
And I'll come before the sun kisses the ground.
I'll make my way into your fortress
And steal you away at night.
Pandora awakens,
But no spell of hers can keep us apart.
Don't you cry, love
This knight will not falter.
There's no wall too high,
Nor a sword too sharp.
No dream too impossible,
Or battles unbeatable.
Hang in there, love,
I'll be there,
*Before the sun kisses the ground.
Yes, very fairytale-ish. ;)
Meenu Syriac
Written by
Meenu Syriac  India
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