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May 2014
that truth injected a liquid coal that was
to pulse my veins forever.
pulled back the blinds
and shrouded me in darkness.
extinguished the flames
and charred the place
where I housed our dreams.

Cracking the concrete that lead to our door.

devoured the life
surrounding the perimeter.

engulfed me in a blackness
I won't soon forget.

misled by my own disillusions of who I wanted you to be.
the pages of this fairy tale are blank,
and would better make for kindling.

Rather start new,
or keep warm for that matter,
I chose to walk toward the lake alone.

feet bound by lies
I toss this to the cliffs,
broken with the others at the bottom.

misled by my own disillusion
of who I wanted you to be.

I weakened myself at the knees
and fell to my own imagination.

Dragons and princess,
I sword-struck myself silly.

these scars are not my own.
star-gaze reminiscence
we ALL fall down.

my faith is absent.

I lay the ghost of you down to sleep.
Kiss your forehead and destroy
the reflection of myself
I never wish to see again.
Shrouded, blank, Shrouded, blank.

Feet  bound  by  lies
you hung bleeding water
into a rapidly growing puddle.

I watch the sun set in our
tear stained canvas sky.

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