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May 2014
Lamb and sheep
lay side by side
and goes
the earth below.

Awake at rise
of sun and skies
they do not know.

That men do fight
and **** and thrive
on blood
of other men.

Of food and life,
of grief and strive,
no yield
nor without bend.

Through hills and lakes
the nocturnes sound
and still
knowledge eludes.

Or do they lie,
not with their mouths,
they know the Truth.

For they will live,
and we will die;
their keep alive.

And so they sleep,
stories they tell
in bleat and baa.

They do not speak
of what they can’t,
how true
can sophists be.

For with the sheep
and lamb we lie,
we lie
to keep alive.
Joseph Valle
Written by
Joseph Valle
   Wanderer, victoria and ---
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