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Apr 2014
You know, throughout life and most all of my school experience everyone talked about how cool meeting aliens would be.
I myself am an avid fan of exobiology and strange existences that may or may not lie beyond our planet, Its a cool concept, the diversity and advancements must be incredible right?
All that meeting other species and creating intergalactic alliances
How can we expect humanity to be ready for extraterrestrial cultural differences when most of the human race cant even handle different colored skins and religions!
Some of us cant even respect different genders and personal autonomy, or different opinions for that matter. Women cant even walk alone at night without the potential threat of being sexually assaulted! When the crime of animalistic ravaging is done to our flesh there’s no questioning the motive only blaming the scarred victim for ruining the life of the offender!
How the hell are we supposed to peacefully interact with other worlds when we cant even interact peacefully with ourselves! Be respectful to others when no one is taught to be that way!
The way people run our world has become useless for providing essentials for the needs of the people!
Like acceptance, decent living conditions and equality for everyone!
Instead of appropriating a set of good morals and reasonable standards for people to reach for, society’s fed us an incessant stream of a lack of individual value, impossible standards for beauty and made it very clear how far that stick of culture+religion sexuality etc  phobia douchebaggery is up their ***
Like wow, way to be a bigoted, misogynous, narrow minded traditional piece of garbage
You know in other cultures all over the world ran by women their whole society seems to function more smoothly and less war fueled than the ones ran by men.
Bring on the Matriarchy, lets initiate a female embodiment of power shall we, bring on the peace instead of violence, give us the rain so we can survive this drought our government and society has driven us into. Send down the thunder of who we are to drown out the advertisements and constant pressure of what they think we /should be/  
Overthrow every standard and restraint placed upon our world
Encompass our globe in something more suited to my generations needs, teach about self love and equality instead of racism and sexism
Our world was built only to cater to the rich and powerful
Built only for male dominance
This isn’t about feminism this is about common sense and equality
After hundreds and thousands years of gender oppression its time for equal rights
Else when we make contact with those aliens they think we’re as petty as small children fighting over toys that don’t belong to us.
Nina Messina
Written by
Nina Messina  22/Agender/Maine
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