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Apr 2014
I wander through the desolate streets
Remembering what I've always been taught to do

It's been passed down
Through generation to generation
Bloodline to bloodline
Taught to every child: boy, girl, black, white and everything in between
Stay still and say nothing

I walk passed the liquor store
Thinking about drinking away all my troubles
I see the folk standing outside
Hollering about how they're going to gain the money they need by robbing
I enter the liquor store buy myself a ***** and remember
Still still and say nothing

I continue my walk
Bottle in hand as I drink it down just a little
I walk passed two children
A black boy and a black girl
Yelling out "Where is my mama?"  "I can't find my mama!"
I see the dealer wave them over promising safety
I stop and take a second to think
I let the ***** get to my head and remember
Stay still and say nothing

I take my walk toward an alleyway
I see a young girl surrounded by large men
They approach her and seem to intimidate her
She looks at me with discomfort
But I don't notice, I'm too **** drunk to notice
I can't even hear her yell out
When I turn the corner and look back because I remember
Stay still and say nothing

I do just that and return home
Fall on my bed and finish every drop of that *****
Then I fall asleep on my back and die by choking on my own *****
Stay still and say nothing
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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