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Apr 2014
I feel stupid
I was selfish, I was mean
I'm sorry
Please give me one last chance

I got tears to your eyes!
I can't believe I got tears to your beautiful eyes!
When I didn't think before I spoke
I said things I shouldn't have even mentioned

I feel so stupid when I think about it
I can't describe how I feel after I woke up from my "Agressive Land"
I'm feeling daggers stab my heart,
Even in my sleep;

How could I be so mean, so selfish, so stupid
In my opinion, sorry is meaningless
Compared to what I said and did to you
I wish life had a button or even a time machine to take it all back
And bring that pretty and warm smile of yours.
The one you used to do when youΒ Β looked at me

But, Oh Well, I can't
So would you please accept this sincere apology from my heart?

I was so selfish that I would always mess everything up
You always forgave me

I keep hurting you all the time,
Even though you're just trying to do what's best for me.
What's for my own benefit.

I beg you for one last chance
I promise I will do all it takes to clean the pain;
And I know now, your heart is like a crumbled piece of paper;
Even if I uncrumble it with my best apology,
It will still leave signs behind...
I wish I thought of that from the start,
I'm Sorry
Zein Bdeir
Written by
Zein Bdeir  San Diego- Cali- USA
(San Diego- Cali- USA)   
   Budour Al Issaei and ChloΓ©
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