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Oct 2010
The night was fun,
She felt quite drunk,
But the taxi left without her,
She wrapped her shawl,
And shed her shoes,
And started singing out louder.

She walked and sang,
Quite merrily,
So unaware of danger,
A shadow showed,
A figure pounced,
She stood to face a stranger.

Her eyes were wide,
She shrieked with fright,
His knife rose up to cut her,
Her throat gaped open,
And blood flowed downwards,
Her flesh sliced just like butter.

Excitement grew,
He felt the rush,
And moved on to her gut,
His knife took on,
Its own cruel life,
And he continued with his eyes shut.

The moon gave off,
An eerie glow,
The blood tasted just like wine,
Another fix,
For lord mountjoy,
Strolls home to plan the next time....
eileen mcgreevy
Written by
eileen mcgreevy
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