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Apr 2014
I hate you and the way you ruin people that love you and how well you lie without blinking and I hate how miserably you fail at trying and the way you try but trying isn't changing unless you change what you've been trying to change and you're just no good at trying only good at hating and breaking beautiful things and taking things that make you want to just ******* take your life and break it by tearing out the seams of this waking curse of a dream inside the nightmare where you belong in an un-followed hearse lovingly dead to the ongoing muttering of persons who hated you and to whom you must have hated too you stupid fool how we hate what you do and who you are and I hate that you are dying and untruthful and I hate what you did and what you didn't do and I hate that you spread hatred and dam sweet rivers and leave trails of love in broken pieces but the happy people don't mind it and tell you to forgive yourself with big sloppy smiles and don't see the dark clouds inside you and you hate them all too don't you yes each slop-filled one of them and I have a feeling that you hate my writing this down for people to see but not as much as I hate that you're me.
Written by
     Quettevio and Abi Sweeney
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