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Apr 2014
Spasmodically chaotic
Flies the embryonic tonic
Through the veins and to the brain
Heart and soul are now defiled
Complicating, hating
Imitating, devastating
Dying stars so full of scars
Schizophreniaโ€™s inner child

Ash to ash and dust to dust
Sanity begins to rust
Bleeding laughter
From beneath the mournerโ€™s veil
Carried on into the dawn
Imprinted on the demon spawn
Unresting and ingesting
The dismembered and impaled

The bones of the alone
Rattle on in monotone
Resurrecting and collecting
Tortured ghosts of minds depraved
Humanity receding
Feeding on the need for bleeding
Leaving mental catacombs
Eternally engraved
This was actually an idea for a slightly heavy metal song I had years ago in my darker days which had more instrumental than lyrics as they sometimes do. I was never able to relate the music in my head to any of the musicians I have known, as I do not speak the language well enough, so it stands as is.
Diary of the Damned
Written by
Diary of the Damned  Stanford, Kentucky
(Stanford, Kentucky)   
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