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Apr 2014
Oh, unforgiven heart shall thy weeps sorrow tears,
For hath thee dearest maiden whose heart denied,
Shall thy lonesome sleep awaken by shallow ears,
May thou'st gracefully forsaken thee dearest pride,
Among'st thee stars shall one wholesomely pray,
For His dearest blessings as thou'st solely in debts,
Yet shall upon thy matress shall'st inevitably lay,
Thee lustering greatsome lies and truthful regrets,
And we breathe the cherishing scent of midnight air,
May to thee wishful stars thou'st hopes greatly lend,  
To finally realize to oneself, what is truthfully dear,
Until unforgiving time hath drawn to its faithful end,
May then thy'st maiden forgiven thy cruelful self not,
And shall may 'tis dreadful ploy, we inevitably forgot.
A poem on the slight hope of forgiveness.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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