Oct 2010

Countless words are painted into eternal stars above
Inspiring my soul and waking me anew
With wondrous eyes, I see verses of sweet love
I learn them by heart
And paint them too

Words of dreams with visions rare, I see painted too
Twinkling from shadow dusted rays
Softly held within a precious lighted view
Calling to my tireless pen
Come and play

I view a canvas stretching into an endless sea
Completely full of mysteries unsolved
Faintly crying out to all this ink inside of me
To ponder all their puzzlement
Until they are resolved

Countless words are painted into eternal stars above
They greet my pen and paper every day
With a wondrous heart I smile back at them in love
Begin painting everything
I can see them say

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Neva Flores Varga
Written by
Neva Flores Varga  Athens, Georgia USA
(Athens, Georgia USA)   
   Gene Baker
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