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Oct 2010
I still remember those days
Sitting on our fire escape
Watching the stars parade
Above the rooftops
There were never words to say

Under the dark blue of the skies
When the blackout took away the lights
We sat together side by side
On those fire escapes just you and I
Until the sun stole away the night

That was our Brooklyn
A private room with a perfect view
On balconies set just for two
Under skies of the darkest blue

Tell me, do you still hear the sounds
Of this sad and boring blackhole town
On the nights we learned we could generate
A Brooklyn just for runaways
After they shut the power down

It was fixed in just a couple days
And we both used our fire escape
To make our separate getaways
Well I hope you traveled safe
I hope you made it home; you found your way...

And maybe I'll see you soon
The power goes down this afternoon

And I'll wait

On our Fire Escape
Written by
Brass Knuckles Mike  37/M
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