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Apr 2014
My love for you is dark
Dark meaning it happened no matter how hard I tried to stop it, its darkness
My love for you has no reason
Reason meaning I saw no flaws flowing on you nor perfection predicting me having a list elaborating the  reasons of you belonging to me
Its undefined
Undefinable with no condition
Unconditional is the love I bear for you
And when I'm with you silly I become
Losing all senses assumed to be common
In you I find myself lost
Control is what I have when you streach hands squeez me with your arms , tapping my backside with your fingers I swear I'm an instrument a piano being played
You try to kiss me and I look away and smile you kiss my neck
Strangely I shut my eyes imagining wings growing on my back flying you away to some dimention unheard of nor discovered by our kindexposing a naked me to a fully undressed you dancing to a lustful tone satisfying each creature drawing air that hits a lung and right before I know it your tongues are playing I recall what is about to happen and look away I open my eyes only to be glued to yours
Feeling a feeling that turns me a fool
Therefore sweetypie
My love for you has no reason nor conditions
I assume it reaL
It contains rest, trust and fear
Insecurities and arrogance
My love for you rests whithin me
For how long is the true question to be asked not why do I have love for you
#i feel in love
Written by
marcia noria sono  witbank, south africa
(witbank, south africa)   
   ---, Hamad and ---
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