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Apr 2014
She bared her soul to him
And gave him the chance to peek.
Everyday she slept in his arms
Her dreams were as vivid as ever,
Her sweaty palms and palpitations
Couldn't lie
Not when she bared her soul to this guy.
Right from the start
In an incredulous altruism,
She gave her all to him.
He plucked on her heartstrings
And made a song out of her.
She danced to his breath
And to the pounding in his chest.
Her smooth skin like silk in his arms,
He wrapped her in a paradise
In even moments that seemed unwise.
His eyes searching in profound wonder,
Unwinding, revealing, removing her layers.
And with every layer stripped, she grew beautiful.
She wept joy
In every moment of bliss.

That day when she hung herself
He had but a million questions.
Every memory created
Every moment made
Recounting, recalling.
And all he could see was
A broken angel
Her wings could never be fixed
And through all that soul baring
That's the one tiny detail he missed.
He was her addiction
He was her catalyst.
The zenith of her joy, reached
Her repressed guilt burst into flames.
Dreams had turned to nightmares
And even his presence couldn't subdue it.
Her lights were turning dim
She was broken even before she realized.
And all he was left with
Were memories
Her touch,
Her smile,
Her eyes.
She was broken,
But she was an angel.
Meenu Syriac
Written by
Meenu Syriac  India
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