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Apr 2014
She stands outside
reason : unknown.
The leaves crackle as they glide.
The wind picks up; trees are blown.

The sun captures her in a spotlight,
rays of hope fall beside her...
hence the cool air: it warms the fright.
The house behind her, fades to a blur.

Racing thoughts escape her head,
taken away with each gust of wind: each whisper.
With all the tears she has ever shed,
all the pain, made history.

Soon the wind falls dead.
She doesn't move, just remains still...
the world frozen, no commotion in her head.
Then it all happens against her will...

A warm breeze brushes her neck,
chills race to the tips of her toes.
She is forced to move, but only to check,
'cause shes off the ground before she knows.

Her mind, still on pause...
a smile brightens her face.
Can't imagine a possible cause;
her heart beats a different pace.

The wind lets out another whisper,
somehow forming a full statement
kiss her
Suddenly her lips gain a tingling sensation...

Not realizing her eyes were closed,
slowly she opens them.
Not sure what her sight may behold...
gradually she gains feeling again.

His presence, now tangible
not just a whisper in the wind.
Her heart, currently unreliable,
but its magic, this feeling, him..
October 19, 2009
another throw back
amanda martinez
Written by
amanda martinez  boulder
     Harkaran and ---
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