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Apr 2014
I’ll be honest with you.
My teeth swell when you look at me.

I’ve the heart of a beast; I salivate on nights swallowed by full moons.
But moons ain’t got **** on the power your skin holds.
My tongue dances behind wolf’s teeth, my mouth floods.

I’m sorry.
I’m just so hungry.

There’s a road I shouldn’t take but it’s leading me to your lips.
It starts at your rib cage and follows up to your clavicle.
I try steering my tongue away but it moves up to your neck.
My lungs are hot and you feel it in my breath.
I crash into your mouth.
My heart is pounding.
I’m probably dead.
My surroundings are fading.

I have knives tucked away in blankets of self-control,
pieces of metal I want to drown in your blood.
I have hands that pulse and claw at my seat,
who throb and cry ‘cause there’s nothing to eat.

But you’re never there.

My eyes are tired, my breath is warm.
And after a dim moon’s glow,
there’s only calm after the storm.
Written by
Dante  26/Non-binary/Connecticut
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