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Apr 2014
I’m afraid that twin size beds will always be
that morning I snuck into your room while you were still
and you were so peaceful that half of me didn’t want to disturb you
but the other half wanted to kiss you so badly
and just had to take advantage of the fact that
that was allowed

and I fell into your bed
and you fell into me
we were so happy to be two things that could fall into each other
without any warning signs
or inhibitions

twin size beds will always be
the way it felt when your fingers grazed the skin on my bare back
the way my daddy used to do when I was
when times were simple, before we fought every day

twin size beds will always be the stretch of silence
that followed the eager removal of my clothes
which I loved
but I loved the silence more
and we were comfortable and we were so so happy

twin size beds will always be how
that morning felt

a glimpse into how much greatness we could be
how much we could accomplish
how many twin size days were stretched out before us
if we only put in the effort to seize them
i don't even know why i wrote this or who it's about lol
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